Title : San To Ichi Ryu Aikijutsu :

General Description

Aikijutsu is primarily an empty hand martial grappling art specializing in self protection by the subtle use of energy through controlling  an attackers force rather than opposing it. So that at first touch of the attacker you have control of either or both his balance and joints. This allows one to defend ones self  without depending on strength , speed, or leverage. It results in you being able to escape from holds, pushes, punches, or kicks initiated by the attacker. You are able to control the attacker taking him  to the ground in  a  way that allows you to pin the attacker to the ground so he/she  cannot continue to attack.


Brief History

The art was revived by Takeda Sokaku at the end of the Menji restoration period of Japanese history . Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu was the name used by his students  to refer to the art  Takeda Sokaku taught.



I. Techniques using the following for defence

  1. ukemi ( rolls and breakfalls)
  2. joint locks
  3. pins
  4. throws
  5. body movement, body positioning, foot work
  6. Escape from weapon attacks ( Sword, Jo , Tanto )
  7. escape from joint locks


II. Type of attacks you learn to defend Against

  1. Punches
  2. Wrist and Arm – Grabs/joint locks
  3. Body, Neck and Head Grabs
  4. Top of Head Strikes With Knife Hand or Hammer fist
  5. Side of Head Strikes With Knife Hand or Hammer fist
  6. Kicks
  7. Pushes
  8. Weapon attacks ( Sword, Tanto, Jo )


Requirements of studying Aikijutsu :

  1. Proper uniform 2. 12 years old or older   3. no restriction on gender