San To Ichi Ryu Kenjutsu – The Samurai Art of Swordsmanship

This Ryu is devoted to the study of kenjutsu as practiced by the samurai class of ancient japan. Kenjutsu is the study of the techniques, tactics, strategies ,philosophies and code of conduct the samurai class developed as a result of over 1,000 years of research and refinement of their complex and esoteric forms of combat.

San To Ichi Ryu Kenjutsu is broken into the following five areas of study –

1. Solo Tandoku Kata using steel sword or wooden bokken and containing battlefield application of the drawn sword.

2. Solo Iai Kata using steel sword and concerned with drawing, cutting, and putting the blade back in its saya.

3. Two man Kumitachi using wooden bokken and involving prearranged controlled sparring

4. The study of the techniques, tactics, and strategies of kenjutsu .

5. The study of the philosophies and code of conduct of the samurai.


This Ryu is open to anyone 13 years or older mature enough to have proper focus, behavior and ability to follow directions without variation so as to maintain a safe practice environment .

All equipment used by the students must be approved by the head of the Ryu and not purchased or used in class until that approval has been obtained.

Initially the following equipment is the minimum needed.-

1. A proper uniform ( Gi )

2. A karate belt ( Obi ) ( in time this will change to a proper white sword Obi )

3. A bokken ( at first the ones owned by the dojo can be used but in time the student should purchase their own ). Then the following can be purchased when the student has determined to become a serious student of this Ryu –

4. After a month or so the student should purchase an iaito ( practice sword with a saya ) if they intend to truly study this art.

5. After a month of so the student should purchase a hakama if they intend to truly study this art.


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