Kenjutsu & Aikido

Martial Arts and Educational Biography of Clayton McCombs

I. Karatejutsu:

I began training in martial arts with the chinese kenpo system toward the end of 1969.
I received my shodan (1st degree ) black belt in this system in December of 1972 .
The next styles I received an instructors rank for were Hung Gar and Choy Li Fut in 1975.
Then at the end of 1975 I returned to Karate with the Chung Do Kwan style receiving a
Godan ( 5th degree ) black belt in 1983.
In 1975 while studying Chung Do Kwan I began to also study Ryu Kyu Kempo karate
(Okinawan Karate). I received my Shichidan ( 7th degree ) black belt in this style in 2001.
I also have black belt ranking with Seido-kan Karate Yondan ( 4th degree ) 1989 ,
Matsubayashi Karate Godan ( 5th degree) 1986 and Goju Ryu ( 4th kyu) 1971.

* Then in 2014 I established San To Ichi Ryu Karatejutsu with the title of Soke.


02 Sword 02   II. Kenjutsu :

In 1998 I began training in the Japanese style of sword called Teruo Santo Niten Ichi Ryu
Kenjutsu and hold the rank of Renshi in this style.
I also have rank in Itto Tenshin Ryu Kenjutsu.

* Then in 2014 I established San To Ichi Ryu Kenjutsu with the title of Shihan .


III. Aikijutsu :

I have Sho Kyu rank in both Kokikai Aikido and Aikikai Aikido. I also have rank in both
Ki Society Aikido and Yoshinkan Aikido.

* Then in 2014 I established San To Ichi Ryu Aikijutsu with the title of Shihan .



IV. Other Accomplishments :

I have also had the opportunity to study both the Yang and Shun styles of Tai Chi , Diato Ryu aikijujitsu, Itto Ryu kenjutsu , Arashi Ryu kenjutsu, Muso Shinden Ryu Jojitsu, Small circle jujitsu, Modern Arnis, Yamata Ryu Aikijutsu and Kendo .

I have a Bachelors degree in Chemistry 1969 Widner University, Masters degree in Biology 1975 Villanova University. I retired from public school teaching after 32 years in June of 2003.